RK9 Labs includes the ability to import a deck list from the Pokémon TCG Online (PTCGO)! This allows players to easily test decks in PTCGO and copy them right into RK9.


NOTE: The Deck List Creator only supports importing Standard format lists at this time.


Exporting from PTCGO

First, you’ll need to export your list from PTCGO. Open the Pokémon TCG Online and go to the Deck Manager.


Select the deck you want to use. You can verify that your deck is legal for each format in the Selected Deck Info box on the right. If all is good, click the green eye icon at the top right of your deck’s icon.


In your deck list view, you’ll have the option to Export Deck on the bottom. Click that button, as shown in the image below.


Your deck list will now be copied onto your clipboard.


Importing into RK9

Once you have your list in text form, head over to the Deck List Creator and click on the orange New Standard list button.


From here, click the red Import from PTCGO button that appears above the card entry area. Click in the text box that appears, and paste your PTCGO deck list there. There are a few ways to do this - on most systems, right-click or tap-and-hold in the box and select Paste. If you’re on a computer, you could also use a keyboard shortcut - on Windows, it’s CTRL+V, and on MacOS, it’s +V. Once pasted, click on the Convert deck list button.


Your imported list will open in Deck List Creator. Double check that the generated list matches the deck you are using for the tournament - if it doesn’t match, make your changes now. Once the list looks right, click the orange Save Standard legal deck list button above the list to save it.


  1. It's possible that your cards in real life, your PTCGO deck, and even the list generated by PTCGO are different. Be sure the card set and number for each Pokémon is completely accurate to the deck you are playing before saving or submitting.

  2. PTCGO doesn’t have every single variant of every card, as you may already be aware. You may need to manually add any missing cards or correct cards in your list to match your real deck.

  3. Like PTCGO, the Deck List Creator doesn’t have every single variant of every card either. Any cards that couldn’t be imported will be shown below the deck list in yellow:

    If you want to use Trainer or Energy cards that are format-legal but are not in the Deck List Creator, that's fine! Just like a paper deck list, you don't need to list set and number for Trainer and Energy cards, so simply choose other prints of that card. Once you add the cards, you'll see that just the names are listed, not the set and number.

  4. Any cards that were imported and are not legal in Standard will be shown in red. You can’t play those cards in a Standard tournament and you’ll need to remove them. If your deck was marked as Standard legal in Pokémon TCG Online, this should not happen.

    Remove those cards by clicking the red trash icon.

  5. If there is a Pokémon you want to use that is not in the Deck List Creator, double check that the card is in the current tournament format. See section 5.4 in the Tournament Rules Handbook and the Pokémon TCG Promo Card Legality Status page on Pokemon.com to see if the card is legal. If you’ve double-checked and believe we’re missing a card, please submit a support ticket.

  6. While the Deck List Creator does its best to check for legality, it is ultimately the player’s responsibility to ensure that a submitted deck is legal.