Signing in to

Each player must have their own account in order to register for tournaments. RK9 uses Google Accounts for authentication and authorization, so your child will need a Google Account. If your child doesn’t have a Google Account, or you prefer to set up a new one for them to use to sign into, you can create a managed Google Account using Google Families. Google has a support article that walks you through the steps to create and manage your family group.

Once you have a Google Account created, click Sign in at the upper right corner to sign into your account. For detailed instructions on how to sign in, see Signing in to

Edit your child’s profile

You’ll need to edit your child’s profile before you can register them for a tournament. Please see our How do I edit my profile? for more information.

Note: It is critical that you enter your child's information in the profile, not your own.
Registrations are valid for the named player only, and are not transferable.

Register your child for a tournament

Once your child’s profile is complete, you are ready for registration. A registration link is normally found on the organizer’s website or social media pages. For major tournaments, there may also be a link on’s main page.

The information on the registration page will guide you through the registration process. If the tournament requires information that is not complete in your child’s profile, you will be prompted to fill in the missing information. Once that is done, return to the registration page to begin again.

Note: Registrations are not valid for entry until payment has been verified (for paid tournaments) and a confirmation is received.