Once you’ve registered for a VGC tournament, you will need to submit a team list in order to participate. Don’t forget this, as not submitting your VGC team list on time means you’ll be dropped from the event! 

From your Player Dashboard, you can see the events you’ve registered for. If you want to verify the tournament’s team list submission deadline, click the tournament name to open your Tournament Dashboard. The deadline will be displayed there, and it is also shown in your confirmation.

Once you’re ready to submit your list, click the Team List Creator link right under the deadline. You can also access Team List Creator from the sidebar menu. Both will take you to the Team List Creator landing page, which details the steps necessary to create your team list.

The process is broken down into a few easy steps.

Create your Pokémon! Start off by creating the Pokémon you’re considering for your battle team by clicking the Add New Pokémon button. If any of their stats or moves change between the time you create them and the time you select your battle team to submit, you can easily edit a Pokémon to update anything before you submit your final list.

Be sure to read the Instructions and Notes section to make sure you enter your Pokémon correctly.

Select who’s on your team! Click/tap on the Team button to select 4-6 Pokémon to be on your battle team. If you need to remove a Pokémon from your battle team, click that Pokémon's Team button and it will remove them.

When the Team button turns green, and the Pokémon's box is outlined in green, the Pokémon has been added to the team!

Submit your list! Once you have your team fully selected, choose the registration you want to submit your team to, and click/tap Submit Team to submit your team list.

Success! You’ll see the green Success! message once your team list submission is complete. The registration that you submitted your team list to will also show a  message of Team list submitted.

You can view your submitted list from the Player Tournament Dashboard after you have submitted it. The Team list submission section will show when you submitted it; click the Show team list button to view your current submitted list. You can also view your team list from Team List Creator—the same Show team list button will be there when you return to Team List Creator.

Please note - the order the Pokémon are shown on your team list does not need to match the order shown in-game in your Switch.