RK9 does not automatically retrieve and upload pairings out of TOM when you create them. To populate them into rk9.gg, you'll need to upload your TDF file at the beginning of each round, and during the round to populate match results back to the players and Admin Pairings. Below are details on how to do this.

Once you've viewed pairings for round 1, you'll need to upload pairings before you start the round. This will populate the players' Pairings and your Admin Pairings (which is what you'll use to receive match results). This must be done before you start the round.

  1. Click Upload online pairings (for both Admin and Players).

    1. Do not change the tournament name in TOM after uploading. This will create a second online pairings link and confuse players.

    2. Always remember to save your TOM file before uploading - the upload process can only upload what has been saved to disk. Changes that are not saved and only exist in TOM's memory will not be included in the upload.

  1. Click Choose File and navigate to the main TDF. You will select the same file each time you upload. Once you've selected it, click Upload File.

    1. Once uploaded, tournament information will display below the Upload File button showing tournament name, number of players, rounds uploaded, current round, and your outstanding tables.

  1. Once pairings have been uploaded, they will appear in the player's Tournament Dashboard. Make an announcement in Discord that pairings for round 1 (or 2, etc)  are posted. It's also a good idea to remind players how they can see their pairings, at least for the first few rounds.

    1. From Player Dashboard, players click on today's tournament, which will open their Tournament Dashboard page. Their round pairing will be shown in the Pairings section. If players would like to see the full Pairings list, they can by clicking on Pairings. Direct players to go to the voice channel for their table number so they can chat with their opponent. Once that's done, they can challenge each other and play!

  1. For each round, you'll follow the same process.

    1. Save and upload pairings after View Pairings and before Start Round.

      1. Don't forget to SAVE the TDF file in TOM after pairings are created.

      2. Uploading to RK9 always works the same way as above.

    2. Once you have started processing match results for the round (see below under “Admin pairings”), we highly recommend that you save and upload frequently during the round to update match results back to Live Pairings. While this is optional, it allows players to verify that their match result was processed correctly.
      IMPORTANT: Pairings (both Player Pairings and Admin Pairings) do not update automatically when you enter match results in TOM. They are two separate systems that do not talk directly to each other. Pairings are updated each time you Upload online pairings (for both Admin and Players). 

  2. If you have a re-pair, you must save the file before you upload the revised pairings. Notify players immediately in Discord if you need to re-pair, to prevent them from starting to play.

  3. When your last round is completed and all results are entered, save and upload the final TDF file to publish standings.