Login with RK9 account

First, make sure you are logged in with the email address you claimed your BCC ID with. If you are, you will see your full name and BCC ID below your email address.

Under Tournaments in progress you will see None started yet until Round 1 pairings are posted.

Once Round 1 pairings have been posted, click on the name of the tournament you are playing in. Please make sure you select the correct tournament!

Once in, enter in your BCC ID to enable your personal pairings and match result reporting. This is mandatory.

Personal Pairings

Once you’ve entered your BCC ID and clicked View, your personal pairings will display.

Your Discord username and your name and record are shown at the top. Underneath that is your current record. Your table number and opponent are shown below your information. 

In this example, Jojo is playing Riot (Discord user - QuietRiot#0003) at Table 2. So in Discord, ashe'll head to Table 2 to meet her opponent.

Entering match results

Once the match is over, the winner should enter the result. Using the dropdown below Submit your match result, select the player who won the match. If the match ended in a tie, mark the match as a tie. 

Click  to submit your result.

Once you’ve submitted your result, you’ll see an acknowledgement. This confirms that your result has been sent.

Please note that after you submit your result, the scorekeeper will need to receive it and enter the results in the tournament software. Multiple times during the round, they will push updated results back to the players Live Pairings.

Once they’ve done that, your record will update.

Please be patient and wait for updated results to be pushed back out. Thank you.