Once you’ve registered for a TCG tournament, you will need to submit a deck list in order to participate. Don’t forget this, as not submitting your deck list on time means you’ll be dropped from the event! 

From your Player Dashboard, you can see the events you’ve registered for. If you want to verify the tournament’s deck list submission deadline, click the tournament name to open your Tournament Dashboard. The deadline will be displayed there, and it is also in your confirmation.

Once you’re ready to submit your list, click the Deck List Creator link right under the deadline. You can also access Deck List Creator from the sidebar menu. That will take you to the main deck list management page on RK9’s Deck List Creator.

This page displays a list of all the deck lists you have created and saved. Each deck list shows the format and when it was created. 

You can add an optional description, which is highly recommended. You can use your deck name, the tournament you’re submitting it to, anything that is a good naming method for you.

The buttons under the saved date can be used to Copy this list into a new standard list, Delete the list, or Submit the list to a tournament.

At the top of this page, you’ll see your registrations and whether you have submitted a deck list for that tournament yet.

If you have submitted a deck list, click to view the list you submitted.

If you haven’t yet submitted a list, you’ll see a red warning No deck list submitted under the tournament name. Time to fix that! Click on .

You’re now in the deck list editor, which will give you two options:

  1. Import a list from Pokémon TCG Online (recommended)

  2. Add cards manually to create your list

We’ll explain both methods below - even if you import the list from Pokémon TCG Online, you’ll still need to do a few manual edits. So we’ll go over the two methods in that order. If you’d rather add all the cards manually, you can skip the first few steps.

Importing a list from Pokémon TCG Online

Open TCGO and go to your Deck Manager.

Find the deck you want to play and click the green eye icon to view it. Note that unlike the deck we’re showing here, you will need to bring a Standard legal deck. You can verify that your deck is legal as shown on the right.

In your deck list view, you’ll have the option to Export Deck on the bottom. Click that button, as shown in the image below.

Your deck list  will now be copied onto your clipboard. If that succeeded, the game will tell you so through this friendly message:

You can now head back to RK9. Click the Import from PTCGO button, which will open a text field.

In that field, paste the content from your clipboard. The way you do that depends on your operating system. On Windows, you’ll use CTRL+V, on MacOS, that’ll be +V. You can also use your mouse: right click in the text box and select Paste.

If that worked, your screen will now show something like this:

After verifying that the list has all cards, hit the Convert deck list button. RK9 will import this list, however, you’re not done yet!

As you can see, RK9 shows you a message that your Standard deck is not legal yet. You can see below why:

  1. Any cards that were imported and are not legal in Standard will be shown in red. You can’t play those cards in a Standard tournament and you’ll need to remove them. If your deck was marked as Standard legal in Pokémon TCG Online, this should not happen.

Remove those cards by clicking the red trashbin icon.

  1. Some cards may not have been imported correctly. Most relevantly, the RK9 Deck List Creator doesn’t have every version of energy cards that can be found in Pokémon TCG Online. This means you should always double check your list, which is always a good idea! Any cards that weren’t imported will be shown below the list in yellow:

You’ll need to manually add these cards into your deck list before you’ll be able to submit it.

  1. To add a card, enter the name on the text box on the top. You can choose your own language from the dropdown.

Once you start typing, RK9 will filter through all cards to show you the ones that match.

When you see the card you want to add, click its image. Each time you click, you’ll add one copy of the card to your deck. If I wanted to add 18 Psychic Energy to my deck, I’d click this button 18 times. If you accidentally click too many times, you can click under the card code to remove a copy.

  1. Once your deck list is Standard legal, the Standard deck not legal yet message will change to Save Standard legal deck list. Click that button now!

You’ll be taken back to the main Deck List Creator page, and the list you just added will be shown. If you have other lists saved, your new one will be on top.

  1. If you’ve made a mistake you need to fix, it’s easy! For example: it was rather silly of me to add Psychic Energy in a deck filled with Pikachu cards!! The easiest way to do that is to click the button we mentioned earlier. That will make a copy of your list, and open the editor. Remove any cards you don’t want, and add your new ones. I fixed mine, and also took the time to make a few other tweaks. Both of my lists now appear on the Deck List Creator. I could also create a brand new list by clicking .

  1. All you need to do now is submit your list. Select your registration for the tournament you want to submit your deck list to, and then click Submit on your chosen list.

  1. That’s it, success!

In your Player Dashboard, you’ll also see the status has changed. You’re now checked into the tournament and your deck is submitted. Good luck, and have fun!

If you require further assistance, please file a support ticket.