Welcome to tournament day!

It's important to realize the function of each of the tools we are using:

  • TOM is your tournament software. It generates pairings and is the place where you enter results. This is very similar to your tabletop events.

  • RK9 replaces all of the paperwork: pairings are not printed, instead they are posted online. Players don't go to look at the paper to find their opponent, they go to RK9. There are also no result slips: players enter the result on RK9 and your "basket" for result slips is the Admin pairings page.

  • Discord is all of our voices: if you want to announce something, post a message on Discord. Players have a question? They can ask it there. Players want to chat during the match? Each table has a voice channel.

Sign into rk9.gg and go to your Organizer Dashboard. You'll find today's tournament listed! Click on the tournament name to go to the Tournament Tasks page, which has all the links you need for tournament operation.

We'll walk through these steps over the course of this document.

At this point, you should be familiar with the Public details and Edit tournament details pages, since you used these when you reviewed your tournaments. Unless you want to change the deck list submission deadline (to allow a late player to submit, for example), you also shouldn't need these today.

Live roster (#3 in the image above) is where players go to verify that they have successfully submitted their deck list.

This is also where players will be able to view their opponents' deck lists, after you have published them (we'll get to that later). This page is shown for reference, so you know what your players will see.

Post your final reminders about deck list submission closing on your Discord server. The system is new for players, so they'll likely need some help.That's why you should keep an eye out on who has not submitted their deck list yet, and send appropriate reminders.

Likewise, this is also new for you! If you need help as a TO, you can ask us for help on our Discord server during your event. Don't send players our way, though, or we'll risk drowning in questions and not being able to help the ones running the event.

Check-in List

You can easily manage all  your registered players from the Check-in list. That is your go-to location before starting the event. 

In the screenshot above, we see two players are checked in, and one is not. Checked in players show in bold, and their “check-in” icon is filled in.

Players are automatically checked in when they submit their deck list. In the deck list column (shown outlined in red), you can see that the first and third players have submitted their list; the second player has not. 

When a player submits their deck list, the list icon will appear. (If you mouse over the icon, you'll see the tooltip.) This icon is also your link for the judge view of the submitted deck list. Click on the icon to open the judge view of a player's submitted deck list. 

Note that this view is different from what the players will see on the public-facing player deck list. The judge lists should only be shared with your tournament staff; they should never be shared with players.

You shouldn't need to manually check in or check out a player, but you are able to if need be. Clicking the green check-in button will check in a player who is not checked in, and check out a player who is checked in. You'll be asked to verify your action, and then it will confirm it has been done. This allows you to always have full control over who is going to be in the tournament.

If you have any players that require parental consent, verify that you have received consent from the parent. If you have not received consent at tournament start, and the player has submitted a deck list, you will need to manually check them out by clicking the green check-in button on the right side of their row.  Players who require parental consent will have two email addresses listed. You can keep track of who has received consent by clicking the yellow address (it'll turn green). See Team Challenge Tournament Countdown Timeline for details.

Download TDF

Once registration and deck list submission is closed, you can download the TDF to begin preparation to start the tournament.

Keep in mind - once you download the TDF, control of the tournament moves to TOM. If you check in/out any players, that will not be reflected in TOM.

  1. Click Download TDF with all checked in players. (TDF = TOM tournament file).

    1. By default, the downloaded TDF will contain Play! Pokémon Player ID of the tournament organizer of record. If a different organizer is signed in, they will have the option to download the TDF with their Player ID instead.
      Note that TOM requires that the Player ID in the TDF match the Player ID contained within the TOM login profile. You can easily add a new profile, if needed.

  2. Place the TDF file in the directory you normally use for your tournament files.

    1. This will depend on your browser and operating system. Usually, downloads will go to the Downloads folder on a Windows computer, and to the user's Downloads folder on a Mac.

    2. Most browsers offer a quick way to manage downloads:

      1. Google Chrome

      1. Mozilla Firefox

      2. Apple Safari
        Safari may or may not ask you where to save the file, depending upon your set preferences. View your preferences to see what your default location is, and whether files are automatically downloaded there or if you will be asked each time.

      3. Microsoft Edge

  1. When you've located where the file was saved, you can either keep it there, or move it to your TOM data folder.

    1. If you keep it where it was downloaded, you can navigate to that location in TOM when opening the file.

    2. If you move it, you'll need to know where TOM stores your TDF files. This is preferred, as it ensures you save all your tournaments in the same location and you can always find them. This is the same place you usually browse to when uploading/reporting other events for your league to pokemon.com. It's likely C:\TOM_DATA or similar on Windows, for example, but depends on your TOM installation options.

  2. Open TOM and open the TDF you just downloaded. (Do not create a new tournament file.)

    1. The TDF file will contain the tournament organizer's Play! Pokémon Player ID, or optionally the signed in organizer's Player ID, depending on which file you downloaded. Make sure that your installation of TOM is set up with the right profile.

    2. If you get the following error when opening the file, it means the above isn't correctly set.

    1. You can easily add a new profile with the correct ID by closing TOM, restarting it and creating a new profile from the login screen:

    1. Fill out the necessary fields in the form. The important one to get right is the Player ID. This is shown when you download the TDF file.

    1. Use your new login whenever you start TOM for your Pokémon Team Challenge Qualifier tournaments.

  1. Once you've managed to open the tournament, TOM will show Step 2 of the New Tournament setup wizard. Go << Back to Step 1 and review the tournament options to make sure they are correct. They should already be set to:

    1. Tournament Mode: TCG One Day Championship

    2. Game Type: Trading Card Game

    3. Structure: Swiss

    4. Name: Your tournament name as shown in RK9 - this should not be changed.

    5. Sanctioned ID: Leave blank.

    6. City, State, Country: Your city, state (if applicable), country

  1. Click Next>> to advance to Step 2.

  2. Verify the number of players shown in TOM is the same as the number of checked in players in RK9 on your Check-in list. 

In your event, this is hopefully more than 1. Don't forget you need at least 4 players for a Qualifier to be eligible for the Pokémon Team Challenge. If you have less than 4 players on the day, you will need to reschedule your qualifier.

  1. Click Next>> to advance to Step 3. Proceed as normal when running an event. If you need help, read the TOM Tutorial

Upload online pairings

The Pokémon Team Challenge communicates pairings to players via RK9. Players will be able to see their opponent's Discord username and Pokémon TCG Online screen name via their Player Dashboard. Seeing the Discord name will allow them to get into the same voice channel on your server to talk during their games; you should encourage players to do this, as it adds to the fun of playing! The Pokémon TCG Online screen name is what they'll need to extend the challenge; there's documentation on how to do this here.

RK9 does not automatically retrieve and upload pairings out of TOM when you create them. To populate them into RK9, you'll need to upload your TDF file at the beginning of each round, and during the round to populate match results back to the players and Admin Pairings. Below are details on how to do this.

Once you've viewed pairings for round 1, you'll need to upload pairings before you start the round. This will populate the players' Pairings and your Admin Pairings (which is what you'll use to receive match results). This must be done before you start the round.

  1. Click Upload online pairings (for both Admin and Players).

    1. Do not change the tournament name in TOM after uploading. This will create a second online pairings link and confuse players.

    2. Always remember to save your TOM file before uploading - the upload process can only upload what has been saved to disk. Changes that are not saved and only exist in TOM's memory will not be included in the upload.

  1. Click Choose File and navigate to the main TDF. You will select the same file each time you upload. Once you've selected it, click Upload File.

    1. Once uploaded, tournament information will display below the Upload File button showing tournament name, number of players, rounds uploaded, current round, and your outstanding tables.

  1. Once pairings have been uploaded, they will appear in the player's Tournament Dashboard. Make an announcement in Discord that pairings for round 1 (or 2, etc)  are posted. It's also a good idea to remind players how they can see their pairings, at least for the first few rounds.

    1. From Player Dashboard, players click on today's tournament, which will open their Tournament Dashboard page. Their round pairing will be shown in the Pairings section. If players would like to see the full Pairings list, they can by clicking on Pairings. Direct players to go to the voice channel for their table number so they can chat with their opponent. Once that's done, they can challenge each other and play!

  1. For each round, you'll follow the same process.

    1. Save and upload pairings after View Pairings and before Start Round.

      1. Don't forget to SAVE the TDF file in TOM after pairings are created.

      2. Uploading to RK9 always works the same way as above.

    2. Once you have started processing match results for the round (see below under “Admin pairings”), we highly recommend that you save and upload frequently during the round to update match results back to Live Pairings. While this is optional, it allows players to verify that their match result was processed correctly.
      IMPORTANT: Pairings (both Player Pairings and Admin Pairings) do not update automatically when you enter match results in TOM. They are two separate systems that do not talk directly to each other. Pairings are updated each time you Upload online pairings (for both Admin and Players). 

  2. If you have a re-pair, you must save the file before you upload the revised pairings. Notify players immediately in Discord if you need to re-pair, to prevent them from starting to play.

Publish deck lists

After pairings for round 1 have been posted, it's time to publish the deck lists. On the Tournament Tasks page, click the “Deck lists are public” radio button.

Players will now be able to see their opponent's deck list from the Live Roster, which they can access via the Helpful links at the bottom of their Tournament Dashboard:

Any player's deck list is now clickable from there.

Decklists are meant to be public for the Pokémon Team Challenge, so don't forget this step!

Admin Pairings

Players will report their match results in the Pairings section of their tournament information page. Admin Pairings is where you will view and record their match results into TOM. If players just tell you the result in Discord, you can also process that, but (especially for larger events), we recommend you direct players to report their results through RK9. It's easy for them to use, they'll see what they've submitted, and you'll get all the match results in the same place.

Follow the steps below to record match results.

  1. Once the round has started, open Admin Pairings. As players report their match results, bar codes will appear under their name with their reported match results. (You'll need to refresh the page to see new results; the page does not auto refresh.)

The above screenshot shows no results. Once a player submits a result, you'll see that line change to show a barcode:

The barcode always appears under the name of the player who won. If the players submit a tie, the barcode will appear under their table number instead.

  1. Once you've processed a few results in TOM, you should upload the TDF file. This updates the players' view of Pairings and your Admin Pairings.

  • Players will be able to see you've verified and entered their result

  • You can easily see which results you've already processed:

Click Hide Completed to hide the match results already processed, leaving the ones you haven't entered yet. You can toggle back using Show Completed.

Note that this only works if you SAVE and UPLOAD the TDF file. RK9 and TOM are two different systems that don't talk directly to each other. Uploading pairings provides the link between the two. To upload, just follow the same process as when you upload pairings at the beginning of the round.

When your last round is completed and all results are entered, you'll need to do one final upload of the TDF file. This is how we will know the winner of your event! It will also publish standings.

After processing, this will appear on your dashboard on tournamentcenter.biz.

If you require further assistance with the Pokémon Team Challenge series or have tournament-related questions, email tournamentcenter at pokemonteamchallenge@tournamentcenter.gg. For technical support, submit a ticket directly with RK9 at support.rk9labs.com.