Initial steps

  1. Sign into and go to your Organizer Dashboard.

  1. Clicking on the tournament name takes you to the Tournament Tasks page. This page shows you basic information about your tournament, and is where you will find tournament-specific tasks that you’ll use to manage your tournament.

    1. Verify that your tournament date and time are correct.

    2. Review when your tournament registration and deck list submission will open and close. 

    3. You are able to edit your tournament date and time, as well as when registration and deck list submission closes, if you need to extend the deadline.

  1. Click Public details page to verify your store information. You should only need to do this for one tournament, since the same information was populated into your four tournaments.

    The Public details page also shows you the time and date for your events.

  1. Ensure that your Discord server is set up and configured. Players may begin joining in advance of tournament registration opening. Make sure you have your announcements and FAQs posted so players can read them as they join.

  2. If you need to edit tournament details, click on Edit tournament details. You are able to edit the fields marked below.

    1. Tournament date and time
      If you edit this field, the system will automatically update when registration and deck list submission will open based on their defaults. Registration will open 8 days before the tournament, and deck list submission will open 5 days before.

    2. Registration close date and time

    3. Deck list submission close date and time

    4. Discord invite URL

8 days before - tournament registration opens

  1. After a player registers, they will appear on the Check-in list. Review the list periodically in case you need to contact a player about their registration. You’ll also need to watch for any players that will require parental consent to participate.

For select countries, players who will be under 16 years of age on the tournament date must have parental consent to participate in the tournament. The player was notified of this during registration, and were required to provide an email for their parent/guardian. When the player completed their registration, the parent/guardian was emailed with a description of the tournament, and was given instructions on how to provide parental consent. The tournament organizer is cc’d on this email as well.

    1. If you have a player who requires parental consent to participate, the parent/guardian email will display below the player’s email, shown in yellow.

    2. When you receive the parent/guardian responses email granting consent, click on the parent/guardian email to mark that consent has been received. Once clicked, the parent email will turn green.

  1. Players will be more active on your Discord server after registration opens. Make sure your information there is up to date, and that you (or your staff) are available to answer questions.

  2. If players have questions about their registration, point them to their Player Dashboard. They can see their registration confirmation information by clicking on the tournament name in My Tournaments..

Make sure you have TOM installed.

The Pokémon Team Challenge uses TOM as the tournament software, to work alongside You’ll download your initial TDF file from the website, and during the event, you’ll be uploading the file as well. Existing leagues should all have a tournament organizer proficient in TOM, with the program installed. Please make sure you have a profile that matches your Pokémon Player ID.

If you need to re-download TOM, you can do so here:

For help in setting up the right profile, ask us in the Discord server, and we’ll walk you through the process. If you’ve run events before, this should work out-of-the-box.

5 days before - deck list submission opens

  1. Once deck list submission opens, you’ll see a new column on the Check-in list with a link to the judge view of the player’s deck list. Click the link to open the player’s deck list. Note that this view is different from what the players will see on the public-facing player deck list. The judge lists should only be shared with your tournament staff; they should never be shared with players.

  2. As players submit their deck list online, they will be automatically checked in to the tournament. (Checked in players are bolded, and their Check-in button fills in green.) Keep an eye out for players that require parental consent to participate.

  3. Check your Discord frequently to answer player questions. They may also ask you to verify that you’ve received their deck list. Point them to their Player Dashboard, where they can verify their submission was successful, as well as see the list they submitted.

1-3 days before

  1. Continue to review your Check-in list.

    1. If you have players that require parental consent, consider direct messaging a reminder to the player in your Discord server.

    2. It’s a good idea to post a reminder in your Discord server with the date and time that registration and deck list submission will close. Remind players that they will not be included in Round 1 if they do not submit a deck list on time.

  2. For your first tournament, it’s a good idea to Download TDF with all checked in players for a test run. This way you can walk through the process without worrying about last minute tournament preparations.