Head to rk9.gg and sign in with your email address. We use Google Accounts for authentication, so this email needs to be connected to a Google account if it is not already. We believe Google has best-in-class account security features, and so we rely on them to vouch for who you are (authentication), and then we allow you to access certain things (authorization).

If you need to connect your email, https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/27441 has instructions on how to use an existing email address. Once it has been connected to a Google Account, Google will be able to identify you for authentication purposes.

Click on your email address (or name) shown in the upper right corner to edit your profile.

The information in your profile is used to register you for tournaments, so please be accurate when filling it out. Incorrect information may create problems with your tournament participation.

The top section of your profile shows the Google Account email address you are signed in with, your account avatar, and account name.

Enter your first name and last name.

Click on the birthdate field to open the date picker and select your birthdate. Be accurate when entering your birthdate -- you will not be able to change the date once it has been saved.

Click the dropdown to select your country of residence.

Enter your Play! Pokémon Player ID exactly as it appears on your Pokémon Trainer Club account. Be accurate when entering your player ID -- you will not be able to change it once it has been saved.

Your Team Challenge League ID will be added automatically after you have registered for your first tournament.

Enter your Pokémon TCG Online screenname (not your username).

Click to connect your Discord account.

If you aren’t logged into Discord, you’ll be asked to log in. Log in with the Discord you plan to use for Team Challenge tournaments.

Discord will display the authorization window where you’ll authorize rk9.gg to access your username and avatar. Verify that you are signed in with the correct Discord, and then click Authorize.

You’ll be returned to your RK9 profile with your Discord information added.

Click to save your changes.  Changes saved will display, and you can click Player Dashboard in the top navigation bar to return to your dashboard.