Pro tip #1:

You need a Google account to authenticate into Team List Creator. You can use a non-Google email if you'd like, but you must create a Google account with it. For more information on how to do this, head to

Pro tip #2:

Register with the same Google account email that you use to login to Team List Creator, and your registration will be automatically linked!

Pro tip #3:

Don't wait until the last minute to submit your team list in case you run into a challenge. You may resubmit a new team list as many times as you'd like, up until the submission deadline.

Pro tip #4:

Know the information you need to submit your team list! If you need to claim your registration, you will need your registration number from your confirmation email. 

Pro tip #5:

Check your email and the VG Live Roster for your tournament to verify you have submitted your team list successfully. You'll receive an email after a successful team list submission that shows the team list you submitted. We highly recommend reviewing this email to make sure that your submitted team list matches the team you plan to play. You'll also appear on the VG Live Roster with "Submitted" in the team list column.