Go to https://player.rk9labs.com/teamlist/. Team List Creator opens on the landing page, which details the steps necessary to create your team list.

The process is broken down into a few easy steps.

  1. Create your Pokémon! Start off by creating the Pokémon you’re considering for your battle team. If any of their stats or moves change between the time you create them and the time you select your battle team to submit, you can easily edit a Pokémon to update anything before you submit your final list.

  2. Select who’s on your team! Click/tap on the Team button to select 4-6 Pokémon to be on your battle team. When the Team button turns green, that Pokémon is on the team!

  3. Submit your list! Once you have your team selected, click/tap Submit Team to submit your team list. If you’ve signed into Team List Creator with the same Google account email used on your registration, your registration will be automatically linked to your account. If you used a different email, you’ll need to claim your registration. To do that, you'll need your player ID and your 16 digit registration number. Your registration number is found at the bottom of your confirmation email.

  4. Success! You’ll see the green Success! message once your team list submission is complete. (Please note that claiming your registration is NOT the same as submitting your team list.)
    You’ll receive an email after a successful team list submission. We highly recommend reviewing this email to make sure that your submitted team list matches the team you plan to play.