First, export your list from PTCGO. 

Switch over to Deck List Creator and click the Import from PTCGO button. Click in the text box that appears, and paste your PTCGO deck list there. Click on the Convert Deck List button. Your imported list will open in Deck List Creator. 

Be sure to review your list to double check it matches the deck you are using for the tournament, and then click Save to continue.


  1. It's likely that your cards in real life, your PTCGO deck, and even the list PTCGO exports are all different. Be sure the card set and number for each Pokémon is completely accurate before saving or submitting.
  2. RK9 Labs doesn't have every single version of every energy card. You'll need to manually add any missing energy cards to your deck list.
  3. If you want to use energy cards on PTCGO that are not in the Deck List Creator, that's fine! Just like a paper deck list, you don't need to list set and number for energy cards. Once you add them, you'll see that just the name is listed, not the set and number.