If you used a different email address when you registered than the email you use to log in to Deck/Team List Creator, your registration won't automatically appear in the Your Registrations list. Before you can submit a deck/team list, you will need to claim your registration using the Registration # found at the bottom of your RK9 registration confirmation email. This confirms your identity, and allows you to claim that registration as your own.

The system will email both parties each time a registration is claimed, so don't try to claim someone else's registration!

To claim a registration, click the orange Claim via Registration ID button. This will take you to the Claim page.

Select the tournament you are participating in from the dropdown, enter your registration # (16 digits only), player ID, and click LookupOnce you've successfully claimed your registration, it will appear in Your Registrations list, and you can proceed to submit your deck or team list.

Remember - claiming your registration does not submit your deck/team list. You still must submit your list after you have claimed your registration.